Do You Watch Porn?

Chances are that you do. Pornography is an undeniable part of society whether we like it or not.

We as a society could ignore this fact at large and individually keep consuming it by ourselves or we could create a public space where we can collectively and safely talk and reflect on this phenomenon.

We decided on the latter and want to invite you to join us in 2018 for our very first issue of Porn Film Festival Vienna.

Curious what we have planned for you?


We’ll screen feature, documentary, short and animation films about pornography.



Panel Discussions and workshops will open up the topic of pornography to participation.


Film is our main focus but we also want to explore pornography through other kinds of art.



Of course, we’ll have some great opportunities to socialize and dance for you as well.

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Yavuz Kurtulmus

Yavuz Kurtulmus

Festival Director

Yavuz is the festival director of Transition Queer Minorities Film Festival.

Jasmin Hagendorfer

Jasmin Hagendorfer

Creative Director

Jasmin is an artist exploring gender themes and focusing on post-porn-politics.

Saif Rangwala

Saif Rangwala

Creative Director

Saif is an artist from Kuwait studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Gregor Schmidinger

Gregor Schmidinger

Creative Director

Gregor is a screenwriter and director exploring sexuality and pornography in his work.

Are You A filmmaker?

Do you explore pornography in your work or create explicit content? Do you want your film to be screened to a diverse audience in Vienna?

We would love to see your work!

Are you an artist or performer who wants to get in touch? Are you interested in a cooperation or sponsoring? Don’t hesitate! We’d love to hear from you.

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