Porn. Available at the touch of a button and if you have been around on the internet, chances are high that you have at least stumbled across it, or perhaps even watch it regularly. Yet, outside of some academic settings, there is a distinct lack of public spaces where pornography can be watched, discussed, critiqued, understood as a social phenomena – and even used as a tool to advocate for and celebrate sexual freedom and diversity in all of its variations.

For a long time, mainstream porn has had little to do with authentic sexuality. In the best case, it is a high-performance sport and in the worst case, inhuman and exploitive. As such, what is the solution? In the words of feminist sex-educator and theorist, Annie Sprinkle, “The answer to bad porn isn’t no porn… it’s to try and make better porn!”

During the years 2014 – 2016, Transition Queer Minorities Film Festival Vienna in cooperation with Pornfilmfestival Berlin, hosted porn screenings that were sold-out every evening. The message received was clear, there is a growing demand for explicit sex that actually empowers individuals to make their own decisions and choices free of social stigma. The Porn Film Festival Vienna was born – as an effort to actively challenge narrow definitions of porn, value it as an art form that is able to question the structures that limit sexual expression and have a lot of fucking fun doing it! 


What can you expect?

The 1st edition of the festival will take place from 1 – 4 March 2018 and will take place at seven different locations including: Schikaneder Kino, Top Kino, Film Casino, Fortuna Kino, Schwelle7, Heuer am Karsplatz and Camera Club. With over 40 events including film screenings, discussions, workshops and parties over the course of four days, the Porn Film Festival Vienna has begun. 

We open the festival with Eduardo Casanova’s Pieles which fuses bright, glorious colors into a narrative about physical beauty, ugliness, and society’s inability to tolerate differences. We take a trip to the past with the Austrian Porn & Retrospective Shorts, with films from 1906 to 2017, and look towards the future of human-computer sexual interaction through virtual reality porn.  

Thanks to a wonderful collaboration with our partner festival, the Pornfilmfestival Berlin, we present 10 years of PornBerlin favourites in two short film programs, Lieblingsfilme 1 + 2. With the film “Addicted Porn – chasing the Cardboard Butterfly”, followed by a discussion on the topic of porn addiction, we open room for critical reflection and with the exhibition Landscapes of Desire, we make the body the central focus through a post-pornotopian lens. The festival will close with Shu Lea Cheang’s Fluidø, a queer cyberpunk porn dystopia set in the year 2060, where the body fluids of some of us contain the new super-drug of the 21st century.

Porn Film Festival Vienna blurs the lines between art and sex – to promote the kind of filmmaking unlike anything that most of us have seen before, the kind that challenges perceptions to the question: 

“What is Porn?”