Art Exhibition

Landscapes of Desire



Dessous, Anton-Scharff-Gasse 4, 1120 Wien  
Vernissage: 27.02.2018 start 19.00
28.02.-04.03.2018 daily 16.00-20.00

Curated by Jasmin Hagendorfer, Anne-Sophie Wass & Gert Resinger


Offerus Ablinger / Annemarie Arzberger / Florian Aschka / Bassano Bonelli Bassano / Alexandru Cosarca / Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber / Olivier Hölzl / Kathi Krawall / Larissa Kopp /Stefanie Koscher / Lieber Michael / Alice Moe / Lukas Reischauer / Gert Resinger / Michal Rutz / Sebastiano Sing / Dimitrios Vellis / Anne-Sophie Wass

How are projections of sexual fantasies executed, how can the body be medium of concupiscence and where are expectations of a body to be set or exposed? Landscapes of Desire shows artworks of fundamental corporeality, centers of lust are to be established and aspects of different identities are questioned und newly painted. The body is the main focus of the exhibition and functions as a politically tuned, painted, drawn and performed landscape. In the exhibition different medias ask about the normative structures we live in and sets up new room for sexual self determination. Body and ecstasis. Exposure. Post-porntopian desire.  

Dessous is a studio, a gallery and underwear. But furthermore Dessous is a fundamental base, founded 2014 by Anne-Sophie Wass and Gert Resinger, to strengthen the relations between national and international creatives, to enhance the interdisciplinary discourse and cultural exchange. By using the space in alternating temporary usages is the principle of increase. Dessous / production and exhibition space


DESSOUS is a Studio DESSOUS is a Gallery DESSOUS is a Underwear

  • Bassano Bonelli Bassano Image (c) Tali Tiller
  • Offerus Ablinger Image (c) Offerus Ablinger
  • Lieber Michael Image (c) Lieber Michael
  • Annemarie Arzberge Image (c) Annermarie Arzberger
  • Florian Aschka Larissa Kopp Image (c) Florian Aschka Larissa Kopp
  • Sebastiano Sing Image (c) Jean Pierre Cueto